Almost through #AToZChallenge

Most of us are done with Letter “S” and I have read way too many blogs today. I cannot stop admiring people for their posts because Trust me it’s not easy blogging everyday.

Coming up with a new topic on a daily basis is hard. If you’re wondering what am I talking about then you better visit : A To Z Challenge to find out more about it and of course read other blogs and stories.

I took of this challenge because I wanted to start writing and I swear to God, I thought I’d give up my the letter “D” but here I am done through “T”.

I’d like to mention few names here who did push me a little bit to write.

Gaurav – You’ve always been there as far as I can remember. From college to here, phew good 5 years and more to come. Thank you so much.

Rahul – You’ve seen the both good and bad side of me and still chose to stand by me. I’ll forever be grateful to you.

Manish – Where do I even begin to thank you. For giving me topics for the posts, having stupid discussions which still made sense to us – you’ve become the person with whom I can just be a Nepali 🙂

And a huge shoutout to those who are still around and reading through each alphabet. You appreciate me for the posts and honestly inspire me to write more.

P.S. So I have finally done it ! 26 posts in 30 days. Hats of to those bloggers who were participating, it wasn’t easy I know. I have read few blogs, posts and stories and each of you are amazing story teller. I am hooked to them.

I’ll just give the links out here in case you have missed it.

A- Almost a Writer

B – Bibliophile

C- Closure

D- Why Daughters need their Dads

E- Being Educated

F for Friendship

G – Generous

H – Humanity

I – Impression

J – Jealousy

K – K Town

L – Life and Lemons

M – Mumbai

N – Being a Nepalese

O – Ode to a friend

P – Pursuit of Happy-ness

Q- Quixotic Quarterlife

R – Royal Massacre

S – Social Offline

T – Travel

U – The Umrikan Dream

V – Very Single

W- Wankhede Experience

X – X-O-X-O

Y – You

Z- ZigZag Life

Have a great weekend and Happy reading.

P.s. Sharing is a bliss 🙂

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  1. I’m still current on my posting. Today is catch up on reading and response though. The more people I followed the harder it’s become to keep up but… I think it’s worth it. If it helps any I like your posts keep it up!

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