Am I Being Taken For Granted ?

Think about this. Apart from those well defined basic necessities, we as a human also need love,hope, joy, a sense of belonging in life. Doesn’t that squeaky back door deserve your attention or have you never noticed the comfort of a hot shower, kept a count of the days when you have last spoken to a person? Well maybe not and obviously million other things that are so common in your life which never gets your attention.

You don’t pay attention and it is as good as not deserving your appreciation unless you have just come back from a spiritual vacation where all they teach you is to be thankful to everyone and everything.

When was the last time you said thank you to those delivery boys who gets your food right on time whenever you want?  Do you ever appreciate your local power company after you’re done with your chores because you didn’t  have to go through that trouble of water shortage or power. Why aren’t we appreciative for the things that are so essential in our life? Without them we would be miserable. But as long as we have them, we don’t even notice.

For relationships, it is imperative that we feel we are of some value (at the very least) to the other person. Being of value doesn’t always mean fulfilling a need; but more commonly, it means that we are listened to—our words and feelings bear consideration. When we are important to another person, what we say and how we feel mean something. When this isn’t the case, we feel this urge to pack up and leave.

I have always been the kind soul in a relationship and also have crossed the limit many a times. My odd working hours triggered me to stay with him so that I can spend more time together and now I practically live in two cities with having to travel for little over an hour for work. I feel like a home maker who comes home after work, makes dinner for her family. On weekends,spends time with them,makes them happy and gets absolutely nothing but ”You’re no good” if something goes wrong in the process of being the perfect home maker.

I ain’t saying I do everything, yes we divide chores and I am glad he doesn’t mind at all. But there are times when I cannot just cope up and fed up of travelling, anyone who does something similar can definitely relate to it and that’s when he slams me with the bitter truth that I chose to be an independent woman. I made a choice – to settle down in a land where no one knew you when you started off and I am sure it’s very common for women of my age.

Fortunate enough, I have spent quarter my life in a boarding school, and the other one shifting places, that should just give you a fair idea of the number of people I have met.Unfortunately,  I haven’t spent enough time in a city to have very close friends and he has a problem with that ! Now I question myself, Am I just weird or maybe it’s just my upbringing. I have been questioned like millionth time for hanging out late nights, just a walk to my neighborhood is a threat to him. To some extent, I have controlled that and I feel like a bimbo who knows shit because it’s been long since I have actually spoken to a real person.

But now I know the value in what I have in my heart and I refuse to let the world stop me from sharing that.I won’t switch, I won’t get angry, and I won’t be spiteful but when things start being taken for granted I’ll just get smart and change your role in my life. Because when I give, I’m all in. And when I’m done, there’s no looking back.






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