Almost a Writer

It’s exactly 08:30 am Saturday. I’m just about done with my morning cup of coffee. My mom is in the kitchen making breakfast for us and my elder brother is sound asleep in his bed. It’s quiet and peaceful and glorious right now. And I’m taking full advantage of this quiet alone time because it doesn’t come often.

Today I share a little “realness” that is my desk. It is in a constant state of chaos but there are times when it is tidy. This day was not one of those days. Pens, pencils, a cold cup of coffee,  an old Passport I need to renew, a postcard from a travel freak and SMS from best friend – “everything will be fine in the end so chill the fuck out”

I check my Instagram, Twitter and emails. And now I’m writing this because I want to be more present here. In the past years, blogging has come last on my list as I have just been juggling between work and relationship. Laundry and dishes has taken over my life.

So sometime last week, I signed up for #AtoZChallenge and I will try and keep up with the 26 alphabets this April because it’s Twenty Six days of blogging 🙂

Happy Saturday people.

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  1. I also struggle with the work pressure and doing chores at home.
    Good luck with your future blog posts!!

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