Do First Impressions Really Matter?

8 days, 8 posts and here I am writing my 9th one for #AToZChallenge. Every day I try to write something meaningful. Last week, I met a friend over dinner and he started talking about first impressions. Obviously, we both had two different opinions about it.

So what do people think of you when they first meet you?

What do you think their immediate impression is? If it’s personally, you might not care too much? But what if you’re a business offering a service – does that change your train of thought? Does the view of the same new face now hold more sway?

No one is comfortable going into a bustling room filled with people that you don’t know. Many of us, despite whatever stature and success we may have achieved, still feel shy and awkward in those situations. To keep me focused and sideline some of the jitters, I set myself a goal of walking out having made two friends. To my mind, it’s not about how many business cards I can collect, but all about connecting, making good first impressions, and trying to forge mutually beneficial relationships from there.

All it takes is a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face. Everything, beings and unknown words when we first sense (see, hear, feel or smell) it, we have impression on our mind judging what could it be, what it does it do or have, and if it is good or bad. People remember how you made them feel in the end—or the last time you interacted with them

We all decide what to eat just by seeing the picture in the menu regardless of what they used to make it or how others review it. We all choose many of the products such as booking a hotel, shopping online or buying a dress.

I accept invitations to a breakfast, lunch or dinner where I will have the opportunity to meet new people. We obviously get them in our “inbox” many times a day. I select one or two events a week and expect to meet new people and all I usually do is “just show up.” I try to make a good first impression so I wear a smile and look confident. When I am at an event where I don’t see anyone I know, I scope out the room and try and identify someone who looks interesting. After introducing myself, I am always very conscious of looking for a connection or common interest.

I don’t know if I even end up leaving a good impression but for me the first impression matters. I don’t even meet the person twice if I don’t find a common interest or get a positive vibe from that person. Yes they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s because the look hardly have a direct connection between the content of the book but impression comes naturally, nothing to be blamed.

6 thoughts on “Do First Impressions Really Matter?

  1. First impressions are so important – we judge within microseconds, and of course that is an animal instinct, is this person dangerous, what are their motives/impending course of action, how safe/healthy are they.
    I like your decision – nothing is worse than being talked to by someone at a party who is forever looking over your shoulder for someone else, or someone more interesting. Nothing is more charming than someone who focuses on you and seems at least to find you interesting!
    I is for Ida B Wells, Early Fighter Against Institutional Racism #AtoZ Challenge

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