Friends for Keeps: Staying connected

I had dinner with my school friends recently whom I hadn’t seen in ages. I didn’t realize time had gotten away from me and I hadn’t seen them in years and am still surprised as I realize how long it has been since I have finished high school. It was lovely catching up with them, hearing about their lives and of course, it was a wake-up call for me as last year hasn’t really been fantastic for me.

Also, I realized that staying connected to people from my past is an important happiness booster — and I know I am terrible at it. In each stage of life, I’ve had great friends and great experiences, but when I’ve moved to the next stage, I’ve found it difficult to stay connected to those people.

Friendships fade, life gets in the way with its whirlwind of everything from carpool, nap schedules, and clogged toilets to graduations, new jobs, and moves to different cities — makes it challenging to maintain those connections over time while new friendships that reflect our current circumstances are important. Also, things happen that changes you into a person that no longer has a lot in common with these groups of people from your past.

So, is it worth reconnecting with them? Is it worth the hassle of reaching out to your old friends? The answer is yes.

Sure we all have facebook but it’s so one dimensional, it’s so surface level that to maintain an actual true friendship through just that is a difficult thing to do.

What I love about this month is that it’s just not for couples but also a month to celebrate the love between your friends. Let’s just not associate love month with chocolates and candlelit dinner but celebrate that bonding you have with your friends.

Don’t just ring a friend, leave a message and then dismiss them if they don’t ring back straight away or at all for that matter. We are all busy, we miss messages or we hear a message and think I must call them back, then get busy and forget.

I realised the importance of these relationships even though I haven’t been great at keeping them strong but I promised that I am going to make that effort to reconnect with them, and nothing can keep me from that wedding, or that birthday party, or reunion.

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9 thoughts on “Friends for Keeps: Staying connected

  1. Beautiful thought about love to be given to every relationship Asmita!! I hope you have loads of reconnecting this entire year and are able to enjoy your loved ones and friendships throughout!!!

  2. i reconnected with two of my friends after 16 years last month and it was like , nothing had changed. of course we are married and have kids now, but that chemistry is so same.

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