Just Today

Just today, can I dream a little?
Just today, can we pretend we are in love?
Just today, can I wish a little?
Just today, can my wish come true?

And you write, and you dream
And every time you talk, I wish it was me
But you think, you think for her
And I don’t know her but she is really pretty for sure
And her smile perfect it must be,
You see it once, and more u want to see
And her presence,
Is her presence more fun than mine?
Do u call her your sunshine?

And trust me, I really wish for you
I wish, she will fall in love with you too
Just not today, but starting tomorrow
because tomorrow-
Tomorrow I will stop wishing & dreaming,
Tomorrow I will go back to being myself,
Tomorrow I will take it back, all this pain
Tomorrow we will go back to being strangers again!
But just today,
Can we be more than what we were?
Just today can I be more than her?


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge #writebravely #WriteTribeProBlogger

6 thoughts on “Just Today

  1. Loved the title. Shouldn’t we all strive to live Just Today and m sure our past and future both will be awesome. 🙂

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