This letter is to anyone who is flipping through the pages. I am writing because I need to talk to. Someone. Anyone. I want someone to open myself to. Whoever is reading this, please make sure that you won’t be showing sympathy, love, affection to me. Or please don’t end up giving me advice. I just want two ears to listen to me, nothing else.

I am holding myself tight, trying to fight back the tears that are welling up continuously through my eyes. I am feeling so confused. Alone lost… I have realized that I have lost her… My best friend…

Last night, I lost everything I loved, because with whom I have shared them went away. I had lost a sister with whom I had shared my childhood, a friend who was there to encourage my teenage spirit. I had lost my knight, who used to pull me from my whirlpool of dreams. …A best mate with whom I had sworn to fulfill my dreams. I had lost my roommate who always was there to wish me the best good nights… Yes, she was my mirror for I could see myself in her. She was my only replica. That was till yesterday, today I am sitting in front of the shattered pieces of my mirror. I know I can never have her back, there will be no one to listen to my senseless lectures, chitchats, and my everlasting book reviews soon, I will be alone to put pillars to our dreams that still have the foundation laid by her. Soon I will be alone to laugh at my own jokes, alone to wish good nights….

Whoever is reading this, please don’t think of saying that ’’I shouldn’t be thinking that way’’; you will be trampling on my feelings. Because someone has made me feel this way, someone has taken me to this void-ness and solitude.

Therefore, just listen to me, don’t try to solve my problems, you will be failing me, strange that may seem…. Because I think, advice is cheap. And that I can do it myself. I am not helpless, may be discouraged and faltering but not HELPLESS…

Perhaps, you are the only one who is listening to me. Perhaps, you are the only one who understands my irrational feelings. Because many of them didn’t listen to me as they thought I was talking rubbish. But if you are listening. I am thanking you- with a smile not words for words kill the essence. There are many souls around you, who just want your two ears, nothing else… please listen to them and hear me. I want a companion .and if you want to talk, wait a minute, it’s your turn now and I will listen to you because this is what my best friend used to do – LISTEN!!!


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