More Power to Woman

International Women’s day was marked on 8th March by talks and speeches around the world where rights for women were discussed. One more year has gone, one more day with women marching on the streets but does that justify the value that is placed on equity and fairness when it comes to gender?


The word can be scary and confusing at the same time to most of them. Most of them think that it’s a hatred towards men or women trying to take over the world. But to put it simply, it is an approach to issues of equality and equity based on gender, gender expression – both men and women are equal on all the levels. Simple as that.

Women face more inequalities than men and for many years, this hasn’t really changed. Women are still a weaker sex. Can you imagine not being allowed to go to school just because you are a girl? Or you are being forced to stay home and look after your house just because you are a woman?  It really is unfair to us and is sad that this is the case for most of the South Asian countries. Of course, I am lucky that my mom always pushed both me and my brother to excel in life and till date she continues to support me.

Rape culture

I am sure you will agree that women are vulnerable when it comes to rape and it has gotten to a point where a woman walking alone at night and she’s not safe. A kid who is just playing in the neighbourhood isn’t safe.  We have been asked ridiculous questions about the way we dress and of course our social life where we drink with our buddies. Feminism isn’t about splitting the bills, paying for yourself, having a good position in a company but about ending the fear of the women so that they have a better world to live in, striving for a world where we aren’t sexually assaulted. Are we really asking for more?

Girls and boys should be given the same responsibilities and learn to meet equal challenges so that they both know that they are capable of achieving anything they want. We need to stop saying there are ‘male’ and ‘female’ jobs. We’ve seen how capable men can take care of children, just as much as we’ve realised how awesome women can be as CEOs of a company. Whatever opportunities there are available for men, there should be equal opportunities for women. Feminism should not be seen as a horrible word. The sooner we fully understand what it means, the quicker our efforts towards making equal opportunities available for both males and females.



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