Nepal: Still a Hope

Almost 3 years since the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal, we are still struggling to bounce back. People still don’t have a roof over their head and, what are the rest of us doing? Blaming the local government, why? Let’s be honest, this nation hasn’t had an effective local government for almost 2 decades now. We have National Reconstruction Authority in place to rebuild the nation but even with enough international donations and aids, we are still behind mainly because our government has changed thrice and disaster response is definitely not a priority; thanks to the political instability and constitutional transition and ethnic tension.

Most of us are educated and know our rights and what we are entitled to and make sure we even fight for the justice and we should just stop publicising that Nepal has the highest mountain in the world and is the birthplace of the Buddha, the home of Pashupatinath, just to prove a point because come on, aren’t we more than just that? Statue of Liberty, Buckingham Palace, Lotus Temple, Great Mosque of Mecca, Alps- they are either landmark, monuments, mountain range or a place with great religious value but their nation is more than just that. Not that I am against it or am not proud of it but, when will be move beyond that?


I am sure, each of us has a never-ending list of things of what is wrong in this country and even longer if we want to blame people but we all are still proud to be a Nepali and call this place, home. We have enough people to blame for like I said, and I cannot really pinpoint anyone for it because in a way I am contributing to the situation we are facing today, no? When will we realise that it’s high time that we stop blaming people and start looking within ourselves? The change we want and the solution we seek has to come from each of us.


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