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Of course, you have heard about Nepal and the cuisines but have no idea about Newari cuisine which is a subset of the Nepalese cuisines and consists over 200 dishes. Newars are famous for their feasts and as promised last week, I am going to list very few of the dishes or rather my favorites.

So let me break it down to daily meals, snacks, and feasts. What I love is that we simply meals, snacks, and feasts instead of breakfast, lunch, and dinner!



Chatanmari is very thin pancake/crepe type usually made from rice flour and is one of the rejoiced food in Nepal. Traditionally made for Poojas, it can be eaten as a snack or an appetizer. Depending on the taste, it is topped with minced red meat and egg or vegetables and seasoned with vegetables. 




It is a confection of rice-flour (from the new harvest) dough shaped like fig and filled with molasses (chaku in Nepali) and sesame seeds, which is then steamed. On the full moon day in December (Yomari Punhi), people of the Kathmandu Valley worship Annapurna, the goddess of grains, for rice harvest. The group of kids goes around in the neighborhood asking for yomaris, this is literally Nepalese version of Halloween candies.




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Bara is made with the local lentil which is soaked overnight in the water and then ground into a fine paste. Adding up the necessary spices, the paste is fried in frying pan (tawa) in a round shape.



Choila is a famous and desired appetizer served together with Baji (beaten rice). Although it is traditionally supposed to be a spiced grilled buffalo meat giving a distinctive flavor, nowadays people prepare using other types of meat available like chicken, mutton.



Sukuti is made by dried meat which is marinated with chili ginger and other various spices making it spicy and delightful. Sukuti serves a perfect condiment for the drinks as well as you can consider it to be a side or pickle while having meal.



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Samay baji is an authentic traditional dish which consists of baji (beaten rice), haku musya (black soyabean), choila (smoked meat), puka-la (spicy roasted meat), aalu achar (boiled potato marinated with pickle), bhuti (boiled beans with spices), khen (boiled egg), bara (black lentil squishy fried pancakes, lava-palu (ginger and garlic), achar (pickle), wauncha (green vegetables) and aaila or thown (local wine). Traditionally, the dish is prepared with

Traditionally, the dish is prepared with a mixture of 84 items to make the offerings to god on festivals and puja.



This post doesn’t do any justice to the number of dishes hence I am dividing it to two posts which will be up by the end of this week. I promise 🙂


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