State of Mind

Finally enough strength to gather yourself up and say, “I’m okay.” A slight smile on your face, barely noticeable. But its not real, nor is it unreal. Just a million emotions and thoughts running in your mind about what to do now. You don’t want to, but the sigh just comes out, exhale to be more specific. You don’t really notice the deep breath you just took but hey, its the goodbye that’s taking up your mind right now right? Keys in, engines on, but then a confusion, not about where to go but where you want to go. Driving up in long lanes, twisted roads, wet corners and through the cold wind. You finally get there with the same state of mind as you had all the way there. Lost in thoughts but blank at the same time. Again, a slight sigh — a little softer this time around — with a nod extra, the same smile and then you say, “I’m okay.”

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