Super- MOM !

“Mere pass Maa hai” – This is probably the most quoted dialogue from any Hindi movie. Don’t you agree that the fans of Bollywood adore their mothers and most of us can relate to the movie moms. Nirupa Roy, Reema Lagoo, Kirron Kher, Farida Jalal are the top onscreen moms to name a few and I am pretty sure you have said it millions time how your mom resembles them after watching a typical Bollywood flick?


Even though my mom is a mixture of Farida Jalal from DDLJ and Tisca Chopra from Taare Zameen Par, I couldn’t stop sharing this flowchart I found the other day. So I let the chart decide if my mom is a traditional or eccentric one like the title suggests. After answering Yes and No, it says my movie mom is Helen Parr – The Incredibles and I couldn’t agree more. Damn you chart because obviously my mom is no less than a Super mom.

Remember the scene when Mr. Incredible is defining himself in a conventionally female role and says “No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. I feel like the maid! I just cleaned up this mess!” and our Elastigirl, flush with her power, shouts this :


Right after that we see our Elastigirl Helen standing at the kitchen sink, bathing baby Jack and talking on the phone to her husband, Bob about her success and also unpacking moving boxes. Next we know is she’s picking the kids up from school, discussing her son’s misbehavior with the principal, serving dinner to the family. She looks cheerful and involved, whether mimicking Jack’s funny faces or listing the leftovers available for teenage Violet’s meal.

Oh come on, don’t tell me you don’t that pretty impressive.

She is a paragon of the “responsibility” motivation, but her first responsibility is to her family and my mom’s primary concern always has been to keep us safe. She’s always been supportive to both me and my brother. It’s not easy staying away from your children and she’s been doing it for years. I don’t know how you manage on your own. Hats off Mom.

Yup, That’s her 🙂

We both respect her choices after what she’s been put through for the love of family and for the sacrifices she’s made for us. So I can proudly say that my mom is unambiguously strong and is definitely my superhero and thanks to Helen, she proves that moms are superheroes even without the mask and super suit!

So this Mother’s day, let us appreciate everything our moms have done for us! So as a thank you, gift your Mom from BigSmall during this Mother’s Day weekend. Every mom, stepmom, or grandmother deserves it !

Happy Mother’s day Maa <3

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