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In the global smartphone community, Tinder has revolutionized dating and casual hookups and I am surprised that Nepal has caught up with it really fast.

This matchmaking app synchronized with Facebook simplifies one’s potential dates and is brutal in terms of how you select and reject a person in an instant. Everything about your Tinder profile is a specific image of how you want the world to see you. You tell them you’re interested in xyz, and your love for some rock band. You pick a flattering selfie, a group shot with friends, to let people decide with a single swipe- “yes, please” or “no thanks”. It’s not really a great system where your description and flipping through the photos let someone decide if you are attractive enough and match with them but for some, it does help them boost their ego.

But wait, it’s Nepal- sadly my country’s users function differently.

With Tinder having a reputation for being a hook-up site and little else, it’s not that hard to understand why young people might be attracted to or repelled by it, depending on who you’re asking.

1. Tinder is not a place for friendship”
It’s called a dating app for a reason, try Twitter, Facebook or internet chat rooms if you’re looking for friends.

2. Most guys I have matched with or met have complained and usually throw tantrums because they have unrealistic expectations. They expect Tinder to magically make them interesting and get them laid. Tinder is not magically going to make you a Casanova.

3. Know the person enough before initiating something with them

The internet is a strange place. Just because you found someone really hot just few kms away, it doesn’t meet you speed up to meet. It could be an awkward meeting and you might end up hating the app forever.

I have matched with people who are forward for their own good. I have been really polite about it and have declined meeting most of the times, just because I want to know the person first and avoid awkward conversations and also because I am not on the app to just find partners. I want to have a decent or say a good conversation with a person before I even take it to the next level or might want to do something about it. Of course, this might be completely different for someone else. People will just want to hook up and don’t be shocked if you do match with someone who is just looking for one night stand because it has worked out for them with their previous matches but I doubt it if the rest of us want the same thing.

4. There’s absolutely nothing wrong to be on Tinder if you’re married

Because that’s a pretty high percentage of married people are primarily using the app for casual hookups. But, if the person starts engaging with others beyond what they had intended, didn’t tell their spouse, and intentionally led on others using the app for a more direct purpose, that would be a problem unless it’s an open marriage. Hiding something from a partner is never a good idea but there is absolutely no harm in exploring Tinder but be very clear on what you want from the app to avoid drama and disappointments.

Meeting people over Tinder is as strange as meeting people anywhere. Personally, I think if you keep your expectations low if you’re OK with the fact that you might only get a good time out of it and if you don’t get too wrapped up in the whole thing, then get on Tinder, ladies. You won’t be disappointed.

I would love to hear from you all and your experience if you have ever used this app and how is the scene in your part of the world.

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