W- Wankhede Experience

Ever since 2011, this ground has been considered as holy ground by all Indian cricket fanatics and finally I got the opportunity to step into the illustrious stadium and experience firsthand the famed “Wankhede Experience” when Mumbai Indians were playing last weekend and I couldn’t have asked for more.

If I have to list the reasons why I always wanted to watch the game in this particular stadium, Number One would be watching India lift the cup here. I was watching cricket for the first time with a couple of friends and they were so much into it like football is for me. So it was just a dream to come to Wankhede ever since then. Second would be – the city Mumbai. You don’t just go back home without visiting Wankhede, even if you don’t get to see a match here.

Coming back to the game, the atmosphere was loud and bright. Loud music blared from the loudspeakers. The title track of the IPL kept playing at regular intervals after the end of each over. People ran into frenzy every time the Vuvuzela (Bhopu as we would like to call it) resounded in the stadium. Every hit and missed shot was cheered. Delhi Daredevils supporters applauded the fours and sixes which didn’t come rather frequently. Mumbai Indians supporters celebrated the fall of every wicket. Even though the match got dull bit later but owing to its short span the crowd did not get too restless. To keep the crowd from not turning listless, cheer girls danced at regular intervals to entertain the crowd. Moreover, seeing some of the cricket player legends live was an experience in itself. That, in my opinion is a priceless experience.



Out of curiosity, I did google to see which stand is the best to watch cricket match in this stadium? Apparently most people voted for The North Stand End also known as the Tata End and the Grand Stand End or Pavilion End . The next best are the Garware Pavilion and MCA pavilion stands which is at the South End. Oh,  I was in the Garware Pavillion so yeah it was just perfect ! Did I spot any celebrities ? You bet I did ! I couldn’t just stop taking pictures ! The only day when I actually used “Story” feature so much on Instagram.

It’s not like I have never been to a stadium before, I have seen football and cricket was different and I ain’t a huge fan but just the sheer energy, the enthusiasm that you could feel sitting in the stands was enough to get the adrenaline high.

With high expectations and higher excitement, I was at Wankhede, finally. And after spending a good four five hours there I came back enlightened.

Ticked this one off my list !

Go Mumbai !

Thank you Piyush for taking this pic cause I suck at taking selfies

P.S. Thank you for making this possible. You know who you are if you’re reading this xD



8 thoughts on “W- Wankhede Experience

  1. I went to an IPL match this year too, and it was a nice experience. 🙂 Loved the atmosphere, and the match itself filled with action and lots of 6s. 😀 But I prefer football to cricket, and hope that opportunity to watch a match comes too.

    1. Well, I have been lucky enough to watch football too and it has been a fabulous experience 😉 I cannot wait to see my team play in their home ground though. Someday.

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